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These are top fermented beers - in contrast to lagers, which are bottom-fermented. There is an infinite variety of flavours within the ale category, but most will display caramel flavours, varying degrees of hoppy bitterness, as well as fruity aromas. The ale category includes bitter, mild, brown ales, Scottish and Irish ales as well as a variety of European and American ales. 
All St Austell Brewery cask beers are top fermented ales.

Cask Ale / Real Ale

Cask ale or "cask-conditioned beer" is the term for unfiltered and unpasteurised beer which is conditioned and served from a cask, usually without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure. Cask ale may also be referred to as "real ale", a term coined by the Campaign for Real Ale, often now extended to cover bottle-conditioned beer as well.

Our cask ales include: Tribute, HSD, Black Prince, Proper Job, Dartmoor Best.

Lager is a type of beer, the term deriving from the German ‘lagern' meaning ‘store' in reference to the time these beers spend in cold storage. Lagers are bottom fermented (where the yeast drops to the bottom of the fermentation vessel). Lagers tend to be crisp, clean and lightly hoppy. They are best served very chilled and have great refreshing qualities.

Our lager include: Korev, Cornish Bock (only bottled)

Porters and stouts

Porter and stout are almost black in colour and have a highly roasted taste. They have hints of chocolate and caramel and intense fruitiness.

St Austell Brewery brews Black Prince as a cask stout.


A style of lager created in the Czech Republic. The best of these are buttery, slightly honeyed, and have a floral aroma, with a well-rounded flavour of hops, which gives the characteristic bitterness.

St Austell Brewery does not brew its own Pilsner regularly. However we brew a Cornish Pilsner each year for our Celtic Beer Festival which is held in the cellars below St Austell Brewery.

Wheat beers

Wheat beers, brewed mainly in Germany and Belgium, are also known as ‘wit' or ‘weiss' because of their very pale colour. Unlike most beer styles, where clarity is desirable, wheat beers are intentionally cloudy. They are zesty, low in bitterness and may contain notes of orange peel, coriander, clove or banana.

St Austell Brewery Clouded Yellow is a Cornish Wheat Bear.


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