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Company History


The St Austell Brewery Company Limited was founded in 1851 by Walter Hicks, who mortgaged his farm for £1,500 to set up his business in St Austell. In 2001, we celebrated our 150th Anniversary.

The company remains in private hands with numerous Walter Hicks' descendants involved as shareholders, employees and directors. We are one of the longest established of only a few independent family brewers left in the UK and are totally committed to continuing brewing and to retaining our independence.

Our pub estate began in 1863 when Walter Hicks bought the Seven Stars Inn in St Austell. This pub remains part of our thriving and growing estate which spans Cornwall, the Scilly Isles, Devon and Somerset.

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St Austell Brewery, 63 Trevarthian Road, St. Austell, Cornwall. PL25 4BY. Telephone: 0845 2411122