Alaskan Pale Ale - 4.3%

Created by Rob Orton, this bold ale features American Denali hops. As the Denali shouts its presence through a blend of pineapple, citrus, pine and spice aromas and flavours, the addition of Mosaic in the hop back complements the citrus edge with some poignant berry fruit and tangerine aromas. Dry-hopping after four days of fermentation for an extra hit puts this beer in the ‘hop bomb’ category. A solid and structured malt base featuring Maris Otter, Vienna, Cara, Wheat and Crystal Rye gives a pale amber colour with an orange hue and a depth and fullness befitting a much stronger beer.

Pale Amber

Citrus, Tangerine, Pineapple

Citrus, Pine, Dry

Maris Otter, Vienna, Cara, Wheat, Crystal Rye

Denali, Mosaic

2 /5
4 /5

This beer contains barley malt

St Austell cask ales, in line with the vast majority of other cask ales produced in the UK, are clarified by the addition of isinglass finings to the beer in the cask. 
As isinglass finings are derived from fish collagen, cask ales are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.