Beer Day goes down a treat

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Beer Day goes down a treat
We celebrated national Beer Day Britain in style, treating guests to a special evening of beer and food matching featuring best sellers Tribute, Korev and Mena Dhu alongside ales from our Small Batch Brewery.

Beer Day Britain was set up by renowned beer writer Jane Peyton in 2014 to celebrate all things beer-related, toasting our national tipple with a series of events run by brewers and pub companies across the UK.

The original date of Beer Day Britain – June 15th – is significant in that the Magna Carta was signed on this date in 1215, as a part of which the barons demanded a nationalised measurement for ale to ensure that everyone got their fair share of local brews at a regulated price.

However, due to the rapidly increasing popularity of the event, for the first time this year Beer Day was expanded to embrace Father’s Day in a Beer ‘Long Weekend’.

Ably hosted by Cornwall’s only granny beer sommelier - St Austell’s Julie McFeat - guests at the event in the Brewing Experience function room were taught how to ‘taste’ the 7 different ales on offer across the evening, before being given matching food to complement the flavours of each.

A glass of Tribute pale ale washed down superbly with some fish and chips, while Korev Cornish lager was, surprisingly perhaps, but deliciously matched with a bowl of Bombay mix. Proper Job went down a treat with chorizo sausage and Mena Dhu Stout was enjoyed by all with a spot of chocolate brownie.

Speaking at the event, Julie commented, “I love being able to pass on the knowledge that I’ve picked up as a sommelier. It’s easy to just stick with what you like and there’s nothing wrong with that but nights like this allow people to try something a little bit different and learn something new. Taking time to really ‘taste’ the beer will help them understand what they like and to make wider choices when they next visit the pub or choose something from the supermarket shelf.”

With Small Batch specials Baobab and Bad Habit matched with apple wood-smoke Cheddar and fruit stilton respectively, and with Bath Ales’ favourites thrown in with a spot of chilli nachos and slider burgers, the event was a true smorgasbord of liquid and international gourmet refreshments.

A call for ‘Cheers to Beer’ rounded off the evening, in keeping with Beer Day traditions, alongside a resolve to repeat the event in 2018 with even more guests to help raise more funds for the St Austell Brewery Charitable Trust.