Korev on track for London Paddington

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Korev on track for London Paddington
Korev lager has been selected by Great Western Railway (GWR) for the modernised Night Riviera Sleeper service between Penzance and London Paddington. Overnight customers can buy a 330ml can from the train’s recently refreshed lounge bar.

It took us nearly 160 years to create the perfect lager. Korev (4.8% ABV) – a traditional Cornish word meaning beer - has a wonderful pale colour and a clean, crisp taste. Crafted with the finest lager malt. Magnum, Hersbrucker and Saaz hops are used to brew a ‘Helles’ style lager.

Korev joins our flagship Tribute, a pale ale which is already a staple for passengers travelling on GWR train services.

Julian Richards, Customer Propositions Manager, GWR said: “We’re enormously proud to stock locally-sourced refreshments from west country food and drink producers on our trains. We’re delighted to be adding Korev – a quality Cornish beer – to our range.”

Jeremy Mitchell, our Marketing and Communications Director said: “Korev has proven itself to be a popular addition to our permanent beer portfolio since we first launched it eight years ago – it’s a premium quality, expertly brewed lager that has a strong Cornish provenance story.

“We’re delighted Korev lager has been selected by GWR for its train passengers – whether they’re travelling from London or enjoying a taste of Cornwall on the way back to the capital.”