The Sawles Arms reaches 100th anniversary of pulling pints

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The Sawles Arms reaches 100th anniversary of pulling pints
The Sawles Arms in Carthew celebrates its one hundredth year within the Brewery family this month.

The pub was built in the early 1850s, to serve the local China Clay workers, and has the traditional layout of a one-bar public house of that era. The pub sign still boasts the coat of arms of the Sawle family, who were wealthy local landowners at the time.

The Sawles Arms was bought in July 1919 for the princely sum of £555. Looking back into its archives, researchers found that Mrs M Juliell was the pubs earliest landlord, serving locals at around 1856.

Current landlord Carole Joan Williams, who has been a tenant at the pub since 2004, has harked back to the pubs past by running a competition throughout July for patrons to guess the price of a pint of beer back in 1919.

Carole said; “The Sawles Arms has so much history. It’s not changed that much since the clay miners used it a hundred years ago! It’s still essentially a front room pub, so it has a special atmosphere. We thought it would be fun to see what people think a pint of beer cost back in 1919 - I think they’ll be surprised.”

Nick Mayor, Business Development Manager said; “On behalf of everyone at St Austell Brewery, I’d like to congratulate Carole and her team, it’s amazing to think that the pub has been a part of the family here for 100 years. We are rightly very proud of our heritage and have always worked closely with our tenants to help them make their pub the most successful it can be, here’s to another century for the Sawles Arms!”

The Brewery purchased the pub soon after the end of the First World War. Under a David Lloyd George government there were strict drinking laws at the time to stop returning soldiers from drinking too much. But attitudes changed, and by 1934 the Brewery had acquired 79 pubs and hotels.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of three pubs that are celebrating being part of our extended and growing family of pubs, hotels and inns. The Hawkins Arms in Probus, the Queens Head in St Stephen and the Sawles Arms in Cathew were all purchased in 1919.

Photo caption: (L-R) Nick Mayor -SAB Business Development Manager, Carole Williams -Tenant with Sawles Arms team members Sheena Stark and Steve Howard.

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