Double take in the Small Batch

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Double take in the Small Batch
Proper Job made its debut in the Strangers Bar up at the Houses of Parliament last year, courtesy of local MP Steve Double who made the introductions to a very welcoming audience. In return, it felt only right to invite Steve back to St Austell Brewery to have a go at brewing the good stuff himself.

Working together with Brewing Director Roger Ryman, Steve created a special batch of Proper Job on the company’s Small Batch Brewery, designed for entry into this year’s SIBA International Beer Awards.

Enjoying his time in the Small Batch, Steve commented, “I’ve been on many a tour of the main brewhouse but this is the first time I have been down in the small batch. It’s amazing how different the set-up is and really great to be able to get ‘hands-on’ and know that you are physically contributing to making an entire brew. It’s a truly rewarding experience and I know my colleagues will join me in thanking the Brewery for the chance to sample the brew when it’s ready.”

While both had to make do with sampling a pint from a previous batch during a break from their graft, Steve is looking forward to lighting up the faces of his fellow MPs when he takes a fresh cask of this special up to London in time for the St Piran’s Day celebrations.

Commenting on the brew, Roger said, “Steve has always been very supportive of what we do here at the Brewery so we felt it was only fair to let him loose on a brew and take the fruits of his labour back up to London for his colleagues to enjoy. This brew is for competition purposes so it needs to be spot on and Steve certainly put in a stint – a proper job indeed.”