A new scoop

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A new scoop
We've teamed up with Lanivet-based Treleavens Ice Cream to bring deliciously decadent desserts to a pub near you.

As part of our ongoing commitment to local food sourcing and supporting local business, the new partnership with Treleavens will see the company’s luxury ice creams served up in all our managed houses as well as the Visitor Centre and at the brand new, dedicated ice cream parlour on the Barbican in Plymouth.

Delighted at the signing of the new deal, Procurement Director Andrew Holden commented, “Our commitment is to create distinctive experiences for all of our customers, so choosing delicious, locally produced ice cream to complement the quality food offering at our pubs made complete sense. We’re thrilled to be adding Treleavens to our menu and we’re sure that enthusiasm will be shared by our customers, young and old.”

With the recent opening of the Brewery’s first dedicated Ice Cream Parlour on Plymouth’s Barbican by our Brewer & Bean coffee shop, both companies are looking at ways of making use of the unique Brewer & Bean coffee blend to create something special for ice cream lovers.

Like St Austell Brewery, Treleavens - owned by Richard Rowse creator of Rowse Honey - is a family-run business with a strong Cornish heritage that thrives on its flexibility and ability to embrace change while holding fast to its core values.

As Treleavens' Managing Director Mark Chrusciak said, “Relationships with businesses like St Austell Brewery are special to us because of our shared aspirations in terms of supporting the local economy and creating the best quality end product. The icing on the cake of any partnership is to create something unique together for customers to enjoy, so watch this space for the fruits of our labours.”

Photo caption: Andrew Holden and Marc Chrusciak enjoy the fruits of the new deal.