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Apprentice Ale
For Cask Ale Week, we caught up with our Apprentice Brewer, Ella to find out more about her and her new Small Batch Beer.

Why did you want to become a brewer?

I wanted to become a brewer mainly because I enjoy beer! I have a real interest in the different beer styles – what makes each beer taste the way it does and how you can create unique flavours.

What was it like training to become a fully-fledged brewer at Hare Brewery?

It was all really interesting and being trained by friendly colleagues and friends made it a much easier and enjoyable experience.

What has been the highlight of your apprenticeship course?

One of the highlights for me is being given the opportunity to brew different beers – from our West Coast IPA, Lansdown, through to our Helles-style lager, korev, and, in particular, the new Apprentice Ale. I have also really enjoyed the various brewery trips and tours we have been on. It is great to see how other breweries operate and use different ingredients and techniques to achieve particular taste profiles.

Did you find anything particularly challenging?

The most challenging aspect was studying during the pandemic. With only a few university visits, and the majority of the course being online, it was slightly trickier to work within groups and bounce ideas off each other.

What can you tell us about the creative process behind your Small Batch Beer, Apprentice Ale?

I was really excited about developing the Apprentice Ale (although I originally wanted to call it the ‘Study Sesh’!) For me, it was all about getting a great tasting beer at the end of the brewing process. I selected an American hop, Cascade, for its aroma and taste profile, and combined this with wheat malt, which makes for a great-looking beer. By making it 4.4% ABV, I knew this would be perfect for a session golden ale.

What is it like being a female brewer in a male-dominated industry? 

To be honest, I don’t notice it as much. For our team, it is all about the beer and having plenty of fun brewing!

What are you most looking forward to now you are a qualified brewer?

I’m really looking forward to experimenting and creating all kinds of different beers, exploring new breweries, and learning as much as possible in the process!