PROPER JOB is a world-famous Cornish IPA and one of St Austell Brewery’s most celebrated beers.


Proper Challenge

Can you taste citrus? Pineapple? Grapefruit? If you can taste these, then you’ve got the chops to become one of our social media ambassadors.


We’re looking for those who love Proper Job to become Proper Job online ambassadors and bang a drum for our famously hoppy IPA. Simply spread the word on your social networks, blogs and to fellow beer drinkers, and wear your title with pride.


To welcome you to this exclusive club, we’ll send you some Proper Job gifts fit for those with impeccably good taste – including our Proper Champion beer glass, 12 bottles of Proper Job, a limited edition polo shirt, free tickets to our Visitor Centre and your official certificate of office, of course.

What's involved?

As a Proper Job online ambassador you’ll be asked to:

- Tweet regularly about Proper Job

- Retweet other Online Ambassadors’ tweets about Proper Job

- Retweet St Austell Brewery tweets

- Share your love of Proper Job on Facebook

- Visit your local pubs that stock Proper Job to help us ensure every pint is perfect

- Bang a drum for Proper Job to friends, family and colleagues

apply now if this sounds like your dream job*

For your chance to represent our champion IPA, just tell us what you love about Proper Job here


*As much as we’re sure you’d like to give up your day job and do this full time, being an ambassador isn’t a paid-for proper job!

Apply here

You must be over 18 to be an Ambassador. Ambassadors are appointed at the discretion of the promoter. We only require a limited number of Ambassadors so sadly not everyone will be appointed. No correspondence over appointments will be entered into by the promoter. Ambassadors are expected to abide by the spirit of the appointment. Promoter reserves the right to amend welcome gifts. The Ambassadors scheme is only open to persons based in the UK.