Underdog - CAN 4.0% ABV | KEG 3.5% ABV

Underdog is a session IPA that will keep you coming back for more, and at a modest 3.5% alcohol in kegs, or 4.0% in cans, you know you can!

This beer has been brewed to pack as much flavour as we could muster into a low-gravity beer, without sacrificing balance or drinkability.

Naturally hazy, we’ve left this beer unfiltered and glowing in the glass to make sure that nothing gets between you and the aromatic Simcoe and Comet hops from the US and Styrian Wolf from Slovenia.

Get ready for a whole range of flavours that you wouldn’t believe could come from a beer of only 3.5% abv. Underdog is a unique beer and will certainly get you talking in pubs and bars.

Hazy Gold

Passionfruit, Pineapple, Mango

Sharp Hops, Crisp, Tropical Fruit

Maris Otter Pale, Cara, Dextrin, Acidulated

Aurora, Simcoe, Comet, Styrian Wolf

4 /5
2 /5

This beer contains barley & wheat malt and is suitable for Vegetarians.

All St Austell bottled, canned (Tribute 500ml and Korev 330ml) and kegged beers are clarified by filtration, therefore they do not contain any added isinglass finings.
St Austell bottled, canned and kegged beers may therefore be consumed by vegetarians and vegans.
No other animal derived ingredients or process aids are used in the production of St Austell Brewery beers.


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