Some of our Tenancy pubs are complex and would not suit someone with little or no industry experience, but a number of our pubs would be ideal for people with the rights skills looking to take their first step. What’s most important is having well-rounded business skills, a focus on the customer experience and a can-do attitude. Running a pub really is hard work and requires a lot of commitment, but, the rewards can be great too!

So maybe you’re an experienced pub licensee looking for a new opportunity, a business person looking for a first venture in hospitality, or chef seeking a venue to showcase your talents. We’re confident we’ve got a venue that will suit you. 

Before you apply to run your own pub business , here are some factors that you need to be aware of and to take into consideration:

• Taking on a tenancy business involves a significant financial outlay.  You need to be conscious of the amount of capital you will have to invest from the start.

•  Take lots of advice and read up as much as you can on the law, how the agreement works, what you can expect from us and what we will expect from you.

•  You will need training. Our pre-entry awareness training is compulsory. 

If you’d like to find out more, apply today and a member of our Recruitment team will be in touch.


If you have a query about an application you've already submitted or would like more information about a specific opportunity please contact              Christine Marsh on 01726 627267 or email