Cascadia Beckons 3.9%

This single hop pale ale brewed by Grant Coles features Cascade hops grown in the Pacific North West USA.
The luscious bioregion known as Cascadia is famous for its mountains, crystal clear skies and pristine valley and provides the ideal location to grow
Cascade, the go-to hop for many American Pale Ales.
The Maris Otter Pale malt is supported by Dextrin malt and Malted Oats for
body and flavour. The grapefruit and cut grass aromas make this 3.9% ABV a refreshing beer garden pint that packs a punch well
above its weight.


Grass, Citrus


Maris Otter Pale, Dextrin, Malted Oats


3 /5
2 /5

This beer contains barley malt

St Austell cask ales, in line with the vast majority of other cask ales produced in the UK, are clarified by the addition of isinglass finings to the beer in the cask. 
As isinglass finings are derived from fish collagen, cask ales are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.