Enter the Dragon 5.2%

With Maris Otter barley as a base malt, it has a fantastic mix of additional malts that give this beer a unique complexity including malted wheat and oats to add depth and flavour along with Crystal Rye for colour.

Slovenian Aurora hops lay the foundation with a clean base bitterness, American Denali, Mosaic and Simcoe hops are added late in the brew to give blueberry, passionfruit, pineapple and citrus aromas and then Enter the Dragon!

Styrian Dragon, a newly released hop from Slovenia is added into the fermentation for aroma, giving the beer a tropical fruit burst and lingering bitterness. A real hop bomb to start the year!

Deep Gold

Tropical Fruits, Floral, Pineapple

Grapefruit, Lemon, Citrus

Maris Otter, Wheat, Oats, Crystal Rye

Aurora, Denali, Mosaic, Simcoe, Styrian Dragon

4 /5
2 /5

This beer contains barley malt

St Austell cask ales, in line with the vast majority of other cask ales produced in the UK, are clarified by the addition of isinglass finings to the beer in the cask. 
As isinglass finings are derived from fish collagen, cask ales are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.