Flower power 4.0%

Most well-known for centuries of use in the production of tea, the hibiscus petals provide a floral character to the beer along with a pink hue. To balance the floral aromas and flavours, brewer Lee Reed-Bennett has used American Cascade and Willamette hops to cut through the floral character of the beer to give Flower Power a grapefruit and citrus fruit flavour and a refreshing finish.


Citrus, Grapefruit.

Citrus, Grapefruit.

Low- Colour, Maris otter, Torrified Wheat.

cascade, Willamette, centennial

2 /5
3 /5

This beer contains barley malt

St Austell cask ales, in line with the vast majority of other cask ales produced in the UK, are clarified by the addition of isinglass finings to the beer in the cask. 
As isinglass finings are derived from fish collagen, cask ales are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.