Short term tenancy agreement

Most tenants who join us will start with an initial short term tenancy agreement. The key points of a short term tenancy agreement are:

 The agreement lasts for a period of twelve months.

 Either party can terminate the agreement by giving six months’ notice.

 The agreement sets out details of the rent payable and this can’t be reviewed during this period.

 The agreement is not automatically renewable.

 The agreement is excluded from the regulations of the Landlord and Tenant Act (1954).


Three year tenancy agreement

After the initial twelve months most tenants transfer onto a standard three year agreement. The key points of this are:

 The agreement is covered by the Landlord and Tenant Act (1954) which means the tenant has the automatic right to renew agreement at the end of the three years.

 Our rent level is reviewed on a three year rolling cycle. In the intervening years we can implement an RPI increase although this is not automatic.

 Tenants can terminate the agreement by giving not less than six months’ notice of your intention to leave.

 In the very unlikely event that we want to take the site back for our own use compensation would be due to the tenant.


If you have a query about an application you've already submitted or would like more information about a specific opportunity please contact              Christine Marsh on 01726 627267 or email