Almost 160 years later, we uphold the same standards that our founding father demanded, across every single one of St Austell Brewery’s pubs. We call it the Seven Star Standard. The Seven Star Standard is a promise to your customers: if their beer doesn’t live up to it, we’ll happily pour them another.

Each one of the seven stars represents a single criterion like taste and smell, that when combined, form the standard by which we can judge the overall quality of a beer. Take some time to read through each star, it’s important for bar staff to know each one inside out.

The Perfect Pint - There's more to the perfect pint than just the taste. 

That's why we've introduced the Seven Star Standard - seven ways to judge just how good your pint is.

1. SEE: Check for clarity - is it clear?

2. GLASS: Is it served in a clean glass?

3. QUANTITY: Is it served in a CE marked glass with no more than around 1cm of foamy head?

4. AROMA: Should be one or more of citrus, fruit, spice, malt or toffee. Sourness or butterscotch are not acceptable. 

5. TEMPERATURE: We aim to serve our cask beers at cellar temperature (between 10-14c).

6. TASTE: Each beer has a unique flavour, but if it tastes sour, sulphurous, metallic or butterscotchy, please let us know.

7. TRY: The final standard might well be the most important: before you buy it, don't be afraid to try it.