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Eureka APA

Collaboration brew with Thornbridge Brewery, this beer is single hopped with the new US variety Eureka

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Smoking Guns

Bamberg style smoked malt lager.

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Belgian style Saison with cinamon, ginger, lemon and lime.

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Kaffee Lager

Dark lager infused with cold brewed 'Brewer & Bean' coffee. The word lager means ‘to store’ and refers to any slowly fermented beer that is aged, or ‘lagered’ for several weeks. Kaffe lager is a dark interpretation of the style with caramel malt that gives a wonderful dark copper hue.  Uniquely this beer is lagered over cold infused ‘Brewer & Bean’ coffee beans to give a gentle mocha taste that is balanced by a malty sweetness and robust warming alcohol.

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Steady as she Gose

Leipzig style wheat beer with samphire, sea salt and coriander. This is a Liepzig Gose beer, brewed by Roger Ryman.  Many countries have wheat beer traditions, but the German city of Liepzig on the banks of the river Goslar has its own unique style. These are light, and relatively low strength, bottled un-filtered so that they pour hazy and golden with a large white fluffy foam, and are remarkably refreshing. The local water has a slight salinity, so we have brewed our version by adding a pinch of Cornish sea salt to the mash and sparge the brew over a bed of samphire before fermentation.  The selection of acidulated malt gives this beer a crisp bite that makes it refreshing and balances the salinity of the samphire.


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