After a terrific year in 2016, full of great beers and feedback, we are now delighted to announce the 2017 range of our Small Batch Beers. Series one was a great success and we really appreciate all of the feedback you've sent us. We are now pleased to announce the second series of 2017. Find out more about these exciting new draught beers all created by the fantastic Brewing Team of St Austell Brewery as well as some honorable guests.

Taking inspiration from all corners of the world, the Small Batch Brewery will be producing everything from Belgian beer to Eden Project-inspired pints, offering a range of new and interesting brews across St Austell’s ever-expanding estate of pubs, inns and taverns and delivering more choice for beer lovers.

There are well over 100 varieties of hops to choose from worldwide all offering different flavours, so we’re looking forward to playing with these – and we know you’ll be looking forward to sampling the results!

The Small Batch Brewery will form the centrepiece of St Austell Brewery’s exciting new and interactive visitor experience, which is set to open after Easter 2016.  Read on to find out what’s coming soon, hot from the Brewhouse and then come and visit us to see it for yourself!


It really has been a great year for the Small Batch Brewery. After the initial launch in March we've received great feedback from you all! We hope you enjoyed our selection of beers this year and we can't wait to share with you what's brewing in 2017!

Series One
Series Two
Series Three


Want to find out more about why St Austell Brewery is developing the Small Batch Brewery? Click here for a short video with Roger Ryman down with the new equipment.

Small Batch Brews Feedback

We really appreciate all the feedback we can get at the brewery and knowing what people enjoy means we can keep making the beers you love! So please tell us your thoughts on our latest brews!