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It’s the responsibility of our Business Managers to ensure our Licensees have the support they need and access to everything required to make their business a success. With strong experience in the industry, each Business Manager looks after their own area and we develop strong relationships with our lessees based on trust and support. 

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Marketing Team

Our in-house marketing team have a wealth of pub marketing experience and offer as much support as needed.  From Point of Sale materials and menus to website advice and social media training.

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Property Team

Our pub property department is responsible for the maintenance of our pub tenancies to ensure that they look as good as they can. Our property team can offer advice and direction to help our licences and provide everything from round the clock reactive maintenance to refurbishment and major conversions.

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Beer Technician

As one of the UK’s leading family brewers we take our own beers very seriously and our beer technician ensures you have everything they need to serve the perfect pint every time! 

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Customer Services

Supplying you with our outstanding products is only half the story. We offer a range of services designed to help your business fulfill its potential and keep you informed about relevant promotions and specials offers they may be entitled to. 

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Training Team

Through our Academy 1851, we offer a range of training programmes designed to ensure that our licensees have the skills and tools they need to make their businesses profitable and sustainable. 


If you have a query about an application you've already submitted or would like more information about a specific opportunity please contact              Christine Marsh on 01726 627267 or email


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